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Savings institute bank and trust has about 23 locations to help their customers. The corporate headquarters of this bank is 803 Main Street. Located in Willimantic Connecticut, here are all things about this bank you should know.

Savings Institute Bank And Trust Customer Service


The location of Savings Insitute Bank and Trust company is at 803 Main Street Willimantic, Connecticut 06226.

Also, you can find the branches in Stonington and West Main. The first branch is at 80 Stonington Road, Mystic, Connecticut 06226. Meanwhile, the West Main Rbanch is at 60 Cantor Dr, Willimantic, Connecticut 06226.

Savings Institute Bank And Trust Customer Service

Operated in 1842, this company is capable to make $2 billion and more in the asset, also $1 billion in deposits in 2017. It is a good bank to consider even though there is no premium access when it comes to customer service. Also, there are no options available for all-day or live chat service. So, it is a traditional bank that offers service representatives you can find at the location, mobile, and online service.

Additionally, the company offers you various products to offer such as checking your accounts, savings accounts, and money market accounts. Other than that, they have mortgage products, credit cards, and CDs. If you think that you love stress-free personal checking, this company supports you with the optional service so they will not apply any maintenance which is a monthly fee. The institution also has no-fee checking service and high-interest rate savings.

As an FDIC-insured bank, the bank has a good rating from various reviews. The bank also works with 270 full-time employees along with 24 offices in various states. Back in 2017, this bank has $1,22 billion deposits from its customers.

Savings Institute Bank And Trust Online Banking

If you are one of the customers, you can create your personal or your small business online banking. Gladly, you can do it online here. To start using online banking, you need to enter your User ID in lower case. It is important to note that it is case sensitive to enter User IDs. It is all about giving the time for their online banking program to recognize your device. During that time, you need to confirm your secure code. Other than that, you need to answer the security questions to continue the log in process. If you need help, it does not a matter. You can contact their service at 800-773-5601.

In conclusion, if you want to join this bank as customers, this bank is safe. Also, this bank offers you some services such as mobile and online banking. But, keep in mind that this bank is not for those who look for something more modern such as premium access. You can try to follow their programs such as loans and others. If you think that you need more information about the bank, it is better to visit the bank near your area. Other than that, you can contact the customer service. The staff will answer your question and provide you the right information.

Those are all things you should know about this company. You may also want to know more about another bank such as First National Bank of Suffield.

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