Los Angeles Superior Court Case Search Online, Does It Possible?

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Los Angeles superior court case search, is it possible to do? If you want to get a copy of any court records in the LA Superior Court, it is possible to go to the court clerk’s office if you are in this area. After that, you can ask to see the case file you need. Nevertheless, if you want to get any copy of document, you should purchase it. In fact, you need to pay for each page copy. Make sure that you know the correct courthouse because there are 38 courthouses available in Los Angeles County.

It is important to know that if you want to go to the courthouse, you should know the available working hours. The LA court opens at 8 a.m., and it will close at 4.30 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Alternatively, you can contact the LA Superior Court at 800-778-5879 if you have any problems such as file a report, complaint, and local services.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Case Search

Los Angeles County Superior Court Case Search

Next, can you get your criminal record in LA? Well, it is possible to do it. Again, you should go to the clerk’s office in all LA you need. After that you can see the list of L.A. Superior court, especially for the location online here. Then, you need to fill the “Records Request”. This form will help you obtain your criminal record right after you select “Conviction Docs” on this form.

Even better, you can use a local police check to help you. This is another option if you are living not far from police department. The local police can help you do a local or state criminal records search.

It goes the same when you want to find divorce records. You can visit Los Angeles County. Just in case you forget the name of the superior court you got your divorce, you can contact L.A. County at 213-830-0830. Alternatively, you can visit the court at 111 North Hill St., Los Angeles, CA. You will meet the clerk that will help you find your divorce court.

Court Case Search By Name

Does it possible to find your case number? The answer is you can get a summary of the status and the actions on the case. You can check it online by clicking “Access Your Case” located in the center of the front page. After that, you can access the information if you have entered your eight-character case number.

Case number means that the numbers from the courts of limited jurisdiction. From the first two digits of your case number, it indicates the year of your case was filed.

Other than that, it is possible to use online criminal record checks. Unfortunately, you cannot use it for free. Some provide free version but with limited information. It is also possible to use this kind of online record checks to check other people’s criminal records but you should verify that they are the right person.

What does it mean that you should be the right person? Even though you can access the Los Angeles superior court case search, to look up other’s criminal records, you cannot use it directly. The information is accessible, but not for all people.

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