How Long Does Vyvanse Stay In Your System, In Blood And In Urine

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How long does Vyvanse stay in your system? Vyvanse or lisdexamfetamine dimesylate works as stimulant medication. Approved by FDA, this medication is only for ADHD treatment. Also, it works treat severe Binge Eating Disorder or BED. Using this drug means you have learned that it is only for patient over six years old with ADHD and patients for over 18 years old with BED. Sadly, many people used it to control their weight so they can consume it for their weight loss. It is not the right drug to treat obesity. Here are all the things you should know about Vyvanse.

What is Vyvanse?

The United States Drug Enforcement Administration classified Vyvanse as a controlled substance. They categorized it in Schedule II. Also, you should have a prescription from your physician if you need it. Physicians may give it for other purposes such as hypoactive delirium, counteract lethargy, and improve focus for individuals with the neurological issues that affect cognitive.

Vyvanse contains an active ingredient called Lisdexamfetamine, and naturally metabolized into dextroamphetamine. Lisdexamfetamine is detectable, but only few hours. On the other hand, the stimulant, which is dextroamphetamine has 12 hours as its half-life. So, we can say it can stay longer than Lisdexamfetamine.

How Long Does Vyvanse Stay In Your System Blood Test

How Long Does Vyvanse Stay In Your System Blood Test

A book with the title “Workplace During Testing” explained that the length of the time drugs can stay in your system is all about measuring or estimating the half-life of the drug. The half-life means how normal metabolic processes can reduce the drug concentration by half.

With 12-hour of half-life in Dextroamphetamine, it may need two to three days for your body system to remove this medicine. However, there are many factors that will affect metabolisms, such as your weight and gender. Also, whether you take this drug with other drugs or not and how much the drug you took.

How Long Does Vyvanse Stay In Your System Urine

For a urine test, Vyvanse may not show up sometimes. For example, if the test is for amphetamines, then it will show up. Likely, this urine test is a common test to use because it is able to detect the existence of metabolites in medication for a longer period than the blood test. Also, this urine test is more affordable to do while offering instant results. If you take Vyvanse and you do urine tests, it can detect for more than four days.

If we talk about how long Vyvanse can stay in the blood, it is detectable for 12 hours. It also means that the window to test it is quite small. The reason is that your body filters can remove it quickly from the blood and transfer it to the feces and urine.

There are many ways to help your body clean Vyvanse such as drinking more water. For women, you need 2.7 liters per day, and men need 3.7 liters per day.

Other than that, you should consume drinks with antioxidants such as cranberry juice, tea, and detox drinks for about two to three cups per day. It is better not to use alcohol until your body can clean it out of your system completely. Aerobic activities are also the best way to help your body remove Vyvanse since your body will produce more sweat. Also, you can learn about Tramadol, how long it stays in your system.

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