How Long Does Thermal Paste Last And Take To Dry

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How long does thermal paste last? We know that the paste is a compound layer. We need to replace it every couple of years.  The sign that you should reapply this one is when you remove the heat sink. You don’t have to replace it per year.

The paste is important to add because it has an important function. The function is to fill in the gaps. So that it can let the machine to have a better way to transfer the heat from the heat spreader to the heat sink. It means if you do not replace the paste, it will make the operating temperature of your CPU is getting higher than ever. In short, we can say that replacing the old one can prevent overheating. The compound is between the heatsink and the CPU or GPU.

Thermal Paste How Long Does It Last

Thermal Paste How Long Does It Last

Here are all the factors that will determine the life of thermal paste in our PC.

1. The Quality

If you go with the low-quality thermal paste and you use CPU coolers, then it will last dry for two to three years.  Also if your CPU is hot, it can dry out the paste faster than usual. But, if you go with the good quality thermal paste, not to mention Arctic Silver, it can last longer for up to four years.

2. The Usage Pattern

The replacement period depends on the usage pattern. If you are using your PC for 24 hours and 7 days, you should know that the paste will last longer.

3. Proper Storage

Some of these compounds can last for over five years. But, it depends on the way you store it. You should store it in a safe and dry enough area.

That is all the factor that can determine how long does thermal paste lasts. In fact, your PC really needs the compound because it can protect your computer from any heat dissipation. Without this compound, your computer will only run hotter than with. Even though your computer is still running, but doing this way can prevent damage.

When you apply it, make sure that you are not adding the excessive paste. It is because spreading the compound too much will only make the heat transfer is less efficient. Normally, this compound will not get hard. In fact, it can stick for years. But, of course, it depends on the way you use your computer. It is possible to dry for over the years, but there should be no worry at all.

Those are all things you should know about this thermal compound. Again, it depends on the way you use the machine and the way you choose the product of the thermal compound for your computer. Some factors as we have explained above are the things to consider when it comes to how long does thermal paste last. If you are not sure about that thing to replace, you can bring your computer to the nearest area, and let the professional check it for you. You may also want to know more about the plasti dip and how long does it last.


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