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How long does standard shipping take? When it comes to tracking exemptions, the specific class at USPS is Standard Mail. It is the parcel mail class with the lowest cost, and we call it Parcel Post. So, standard means it is the slowest shipping choice. Let us assume that you want to submit your order. After submitting the order, you will get the standard delivery in three working days. The delivery is from Monday to Friday and Sunday. Also, it is important to know that there will be no shipping available during public holidays.

When you hear standard shipping, it means you will go with the cheapest shipping choice for the seller. But, if you go with expedited shipping, it means the seller will send your item with a faster service. It can be UPS or Fedex. They will send your order by using the first-class shipping rate. It means they send your order as the priority mail.

Economy and Standard Shipping Time

Economy and Standard Shipping Time

It is interesting to know that if your order is more than £25.00, you will get no delivery charge. Otherwise, you need to pay for the charge £3.00 if your order is less than that. What if you buy something from Amazon? The standard delivery for those who buy from Amazon, you need to wait for one or two business days after the dispatch. If you buy something about Nike, the company will ship your order in two to four business days.

What if you want to send something via standard shipping in Canada? If you have a parcel or letter to send to Canada, then the delivery standard is two business days. Meanwhile, it takes three business days for the province. Also, it takes four days for the national mail. What if you have a package after it clears customs? How long does it take? Well, it depends on the class of the service and the country of arrival. For example, in most countries, express shipments are pre-cleared through customs. They will not delay for more than 24 hours.

What if you want to send an order from China to USA? How long does it take? To ship from China to US by Air Express or courier services like UPS, FedEx, DHL, and others, it takes three to five business days. That is the fastest way but only for small packages. The shipping fee surely is expensive. To send package from Canada to the US, it needs one to two weeks. If there are customs delays, the delivery times will be longer, in which it can be more than four weeks.

How To Lower The Shipping Rates

If you want to lower the shipping costs, you can try some ways to cut the cost. For example, you should start negotiating with the shipping carriers. You can negotiate based on the shipping volume you have. You should also understand the area you want to ship your order. Otherwise, you can use the third party insurance that will lower the cost. It is important to learn and check the fees.

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