How Long Does Pumpkin Pie Last In The Fridge And Freezer

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How long does pumpkin pie last? If you just made homemade, whether you are using filing from an actual gourd or from a can, there is no change for the rules. Pie is made of custard – it needs milk and egg – so you cannot leave it on the counter. If you wonder how long you can leave there at room temperature, it only can sit out there for two hours. In fact, bacteria grow quite well at room temperatures, which is between 40-degree Fahrenheit and 140-degree Fahrenheit. After two hours, it is better for you to sore the pie in the refrigerator, store it properly.

Unlike homemade pumpkin pie, pie from the store is more forgiving. The reason is because of preservatives. If you want to know the shelf life of pie you just buy from the store, you can easily know it from the package, the date. If it was sitting at the room temperature in the store, you can store it on your counter, and it is still safe as long as it is until the sell-by date.

How Long Does Pie Last In Freezer

How Long Does Pie Last In Freezer

Generally, the store-brought pie can last for two to four days in the refrigerator after the printed date. On the other hand, when you store the pies in the freezer, it can last for six to nine months. If you buy pumpkin pies from bakeries with no preservatives, it means you should treat it just like a homemade pie.

How Long Does Pumpkin Pie Last In Refrigerator

If you just bake a pumpkin pie and you want to store it in the refrigerator, it only can say for three to four days. Remember that the way you store can determine the shelf life of the pie. You can use plastic wrap or aluminum foil to cover the pie loosely. Since pumpkin pie is yummy cold, you should serve it straight from the refrigerator. Alternatively, you can take the pie out of your refrigerator for a couple hours before.

Keep in mind that once you cut all types of pie, you should wrap and then refrigerate it. The best way to extend the shelf life of pumpkin after the sell-by date is to freeze it. It will make the pie last longer than a few days. If you are not sure about the freshness of the pumpkin pie, you can smell and look at it. You should throw the pie away if mold exists. If you smell it, you can find any “off” smell.

Now, you already knew more about how long does pumpkin pie last whether you have a homemade or store-bought pie. The shelf life is different if you store it at room temperature, in the refrigerator, or in the freezer. FDA stated that homemade pumpkin pie can grow harmful bacteria if you leave it out overnight. You also need to concern on the proper way to store the pie.

Well, that is all you should know about the life of pumpkin pie. You may also want to know more about the life of Cauliflower.


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