How Long Does Klonopin Stay In Your System for Drug Test

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How long does Klonopin stay in your system? Well, perhaps you are questioning it right now. As we know, Klonopin is one of benzodiazepines. It works to activate the pleasure center located in the brain. Once it is abused, it will create a high feeling of calm and relaxation. Surely, when we are using it for many times in a long period, there is a big possibility that the brain really depends on it. Therefore, removing Klonopin can cause withdrawal syndrome.

This drug works to calm your mind. We call it Clonazepam, the generic form of this meditation. It is important to know that it is only a prescribed drug to manage anxiety, panic, and seizure disorders. The category of Klonopin is Benzodiazepine, the group of depressants for the central nervous system such as Xanax, Valium, Restoril, and Ativan. Even though it is a prescribed drug, still many people misuse this drug just like the way they misuse Vyvanse, Tramadol, and Benadryl.

How Long Does Klonopin Stay in Your System

How Long Does Klonopin Stay in Your System Drug Test

Many people, including you wonder how long does Klonopin stay in your system. To help you determine how long it will be there after the final dose, then you should know the half-life of the active ingredient in Klonopin, Clonazepam. It is important to know that Clonazepam, unfortunately has a long half-life. The range of elimination half-life for Clonazepam is from 30 to 40 hours. So, if you want to remove 50% of Klonopin from your body, it takes one to two days.

The estimated half-life in Clonazepam is from30 to 40 hours. So, we can say that Klonopin can stay in your system for about six to nine days after the final dose. This is important to know. Additionally, some medical experts explain that Clonazepam can stay longer than that, because it may have a longer half-life that is from 18 to 60 hours. If so, it needs 4 to 14 days that your system can remove it completely.

Klonopin is just like any other benzodiazepine. So you may see it if you are running the standard drug test. If you use Klonopin because your doctor prescribed it, then it is better to have the doctor’s note and bring it during the drug test. It works as evidence that you are not misusing this drug. In conclusion, we can say that Klonopin can stay in the system for more than 14 days. Also, drug tests can detect it during that time.

Klonopin Addiction

Addicted to Klonopin means it is challenging to stop. Using Klonopin regularly for long periods will create withdrawal symptoms when you are stop using it. Therefore, it is not easy for you to stop because you feel that you want to continue using it.

Fortunately, it is possible to start doing recovery for any clonazepam addiction. The first thing to do is to admit to yourself that Klonopin is not good for your health. Do this as the first important step. Also, complete your willing to stop using it by taking the right treatment. For example, you can try supervised detox, individual or group therapy, aftercare treatment, and medication management. Sometimes, recovery sounds impossible but we should aware that there is available help. You are not dealing with your journey alone.

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