How Long Does It Take To Walk 10 Miles – Is It Too Much To Do?

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How long does it take to walk 10 miles? Well, perhaps the goal to walk 10 miles you do lately is because you want to lose weight. Walking 10 miles per day, it is actually a simple activity but it is also the most underrated exercise to do. Is it effective? Surely it is one of the most effective solutions to remove some pounds from your body.

Why Should You Walk?

Doing this is good for your health. It can prevent you from many health issues. Also, you can do this to increase the bong strength and support muscular endurance. Best of all, it helps you to reduce any risk of osteoporosis. If we talk more about the benefits of walking, then you can maintain your ideal weight, lower your blood pressure, and control your blood sugar. Even better, you can improve your sleep and increase your energy levels.

So, if you have a goal that is to reduce your weight, you can start your step by making a walking program. It is the best way to get moving. Of course, it is important to support your body with nutritious menu, too. After that, you can make your walking program for 30 minutes every day. 30 minutes does not mean that you should do it in one full session. In fact, you can divide it throughout the day.

How Long Would It Take To Walk 10 Miles

How Long Would It Take To Walk 10 Miles

How long does it take to walk 10 miles? The average time is about 150 minutes. You can go along at a brisk pace. Doing trail and uphill walking, of course, can take longer to finish for a mile, but it also means that you can burn more calories. Also, it is about your height, too. In fact, shorter people have less stride length and therefore, it is hard to walk at higher speeds for them. Additionally, your weight will determine the calories to burn, too.

If you walk 10 miles, then how much weight you can reduce? If you want to know this answer, it is also about the actual weight you have to determine the calories you burned. For example, an average man with five to eight feet, and the weight is 165 pounds, then he burned 800 or 900 calories when he did a brisk walk at 4 miles per hour. If the course was flat, then he can complete it in two and a half hours. So, if you walk 10 miles per day, it is more than enough for those who lose weight. You should support your habit with a nutritious diet, too. Doing 10 miles per day is a great goal to achieve.  If you have enough time to walk 10 miles every day, it is good. In fact, Walk BC explains that it is enough to do 12,000 to 15,000 steps every day to lose weight.

In the end, we can conclude that it is all about your commitment to lose weight and to start having your walking program. Since walking is not only good for your weight, but also for your health, it is better to keep it as your habit.

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