How Long Does It Take To Read 100 Pages For The Average Reader

How long does it take to read 100 pages? The answer is 2.8 hours for the average readers. In fact, if we talk about any documents with 100 pages, it can be full-length novels. So, the common single-spaced page may have 500 words count. It is important to know that you can read faster or even slower than it. So, it depends on your average speed.

For adults, typically they read at 300 words per minute when they are reading for their favorite things. On the other hand, if they read any documents that require more attention and focus to detail, they will read slower. For example, it is different the way you read novel and read manual repair books or operating manuals. For technical material, surely they will slow their reading speed to 125 words for a single minute. Also, college students can read at 400 to 450 words per minute so they can consume their textbook content quickly. It is interesting if you want to use word counter tool just to find how long your document is and how long it will take for you to read.

How Long Does It Usually Take To Read 100 Pages

How Long Does It Usually Take To Read 100 Pages

How long does it take to read 100 pages? It means that you are about calculating the reading time based on the pages. In fact, for a single page of the document, the average reader reading time is 1.7 minutes. It is because you are reading 300 words per minute. You are a fast reader if you can finish 1 page in just 1.1 minutes because you are reading 450 words per minute. On the other hand, if you finish 1 page in four minutes, it is because you are slowly reading it.

Now, how about reading 100 pages? It means that are slowly reading the book if it takes 6.7 hours to finish. On the other hand, you are reading the book quickly if it only takes 1.9 hours. It is because the average time of reading a 100-page of book needs 2.8 hours.

So, after understanding about this information, you may wonder about why some people are reading so slow. In fact, reading books or documents are about reading words. It does not mean that these people are a slow reader and you lack the ability on how to read faster. It is all about the bad habits, formed over the years and therefore they may have the issue as slow readers.

The Benefits of Reading

Whether you can read 100 pages faster or not, it is all about the benefits of reading you should keep up with. Interestingly, all people who love reading surely will get some valuable benefits. For example, reading supports them to have better knowledge, more vocabulary, and better memory improvement. Other than that, it can stimulate your mind, reduce stress, and improve focus and concentration.

Best of all, those who love spending their time to read some books, they are more intelligent than others. Many studies show that reading is more than just to support you with fluid intelligence, but it also supports you with emotional intelligence. You can make smarter decisions about your life and people around you, too. Do you love this topic? Why don’t you spend more time to read our next article, how long it will take to learn Japanese.

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