How Long Does It Take To Learn Spanish Fluently, Fast, Easy, And Free

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How long does it take to learn Spanish fluently? Learning a new language just like Spanish is a great process. Every stage of your learning process is very fulfilling. On the other hand, time is money. Even though we just want to spend limitless time to improve the capability to use Spanish, we just have a little time since we have many personal and professional things to do. If you want to learn Spanish because you want to enjoy your business trip to Mexico City or Barcelona, it is possible to learn Spanish as fast as you need. You may also interest in learning Japanese.

For anyone who has a big interest in learning new language, this is the first question they have. It is not easy to answer this question. It is because a new language is a complex learning process. Not all individuals spend the same time to speak Spanish fluently. In fact, there are many factors to know.

So, How To Learn Spanish Fast And Easy And Free?

The Factors That Will Determine The Time You Need

Do you speak a foreign language? Do you live in bilingual family? If so, you can save your time to learn Spanish. Bilinguals are easier to learn a third language. Well, there are many pieces of evidence about this statement in linguistic studies. It is because you are exposed to various languages.

Also, it is important to note there are many languages similar to others. If you learn a language that is a little bit similar to your native language, then it will also make you easier and faster to learn the alphabet, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

Generally, languages with the similar roots are easier to learn. It is faster to learn these languages for sure. If you have English as your native language, it also means that other languages with Latin roots are easier to learn, including Spanish.

It sounds interesting that you know some Spanish words before you are studying it. All European languages can share countless words with English. It is because they also shared the roots, evolution, and history. In this case, we can call it cognates, so it is easier to learn Spanish especially for those who speak the language with similar roots.

For example, if you know English and you hear these Spanish words “error”, “impossible”, and “minute”, you do not have to open a dictionary to know the meaning. It is because these words have the same meaning as the English. Of course, the difference is only on its pronunciation. The cognates here make you easier and faster to learn Spanish, for sure.

So, How To Learn Spanish Fast And Easy And Free?

What you can do to learn Spanish for free and fast is so simple. Even you can watch Dora The Explorer episodes with your kids. Additionally, it is better to learn a little bit, such as the linguistic aspects of this language. If you have studied foreign grammar by memorizing the vocabulary, listening different sounds and seeing the different letters, you can be easier to learn a new language.

How long does it take to learn Spanish? It also depends on the way you are learning this language. If you expect to learn Spanish in a classroom setting, it takes more time because you are not using that language when the class ends. The case is different if you also use Spanish to practice outside of the class. You can read books, eBooks, listen to music or radios, speak Spanish, watch Spanish movies, and travel to Spanish. Doing these things help you understand Spanish faster than ever.

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