How Long Does It Take To Learn Javascript From Scratch

How long does it take to learn JavaScript? JavaScript is a programming language. It is the area of programmer and computing, just like Python. So, it is wrong if people say it is a markup language. In fact, learning JavaScript is more difficult compared to HTML. Therefore, it needs more time to learn this matter than HTML.

It is difficult to learn, but why do people have a big interest to learn JavaScript? It is because this is one of the most languages to learn. It means that you do not have to become a Ph. D to handle all things related to JavaScript. It is also in huge demand that people want to learn this skill. At this point, surely you can get a lot of money once you are mastering it. Additionally, most popular web development frameworks such as Node JS, jQuery, and Angular use JavaScript. So, if you want to use these tools, it means you should have better understanding about JavaScript.

Learning JavaScript From Scratch

Learning JavaScript From Scratch

If you want to learn JavaScript, it means you should know the amount of time you need to practice it. You may need 1 month to reach advance level. If you want to become an expert in it, you need to spend at least 6 months. If you want to make it easy to learn, it is better to spend about 4 hours every day to learn JavaScript programming.

Can you learn JavaScript in a week? Well, you can use some places on the Internet to learn JavaScript. It may take a few days to learn the basics. So, if you focus on some basics, it is possible to learn JavaScript in a week. On the other hand, if you want to use it to complete your job or skill, it is better to learn for few months. If you want to know all concepts of it, it means you need few years to learn.

The Quick Tips On How To Learn JavaScript Faster

So, if you think that you want to learn JavaScript faster from scratch, there are some steps you have to do. First, it is all about reading. There are many books, eBooks and other sources that will make you find much information you probably never knew about JavaScript before. It is not bad to read first about the basics of JavaScript.

Once you gain more information, such as what is JavaScript and why you need it, it is great. You can continue to learn the next step that is about why you should not be afraid if you want to leave the comfort zone.  You should set your goals for why you want to learn it and what you will get from this learning process. The next interesting things to do is by using plain text to write an algorithm, never   use alerts and embrace console.log, and the last is to get the basic concepts clear.

Since it is the essential part just like CSS and HTML, learning JavaScript helps you know better about web technology. If you want to work in web development or become a front-end developer, it means you must consider learning JavaScript.

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