How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar For Beginners

How long does it take to learn guitar? Playing guitar is so much fun, for sure. Many studies show that playing guitar makes men and women look more attractive to the opposite sex. Women even say that it is a must for a man to have this skill. To answer this question, it is better to learn guitar for 6 to 18 months. During your first six months, you will feel comfortable and surely you know all basic things about guitar. Even though you are not amazing solo yet, but you have mastered some basic chords so you will feel comfortable playing guitar.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar Basics

How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar Basics

Even though we say that you can start mastering the basics after learning guitar for 6 months, but it depends on your effort, too. You should pay attention to the length of your daily practice, which can be from an hour to eight hours. The results of many studies reveal that if you spend more than four hours per day, you will only get little benefit from it. Therefore, the main point is on how you can keep tabs on the concentration level you can deal with. Since there is a lot of information everywhere, especially the internet tutorial, you can teach yourself guitar.

To make sure that you can answer how long does it take to learn the guitar easily, it is good to do something more. During your learning process, make sure that you start it by using a metronome.After that, it is better to start with slow music speed and then speed it up gradually. Once you can do it, you can practice the music faster. It is great if you can create a schedule with a specific time to help you practice regularly. In fact, you can master the basic skills if you keep learning for at least five days weekly.

If you want to learn guitar, the key is to try and to find a little time. You should keep practicing every day. To make it simple and more effective, you can do something like practicing in 10 minutes for a day, and do it for 6 days per week. This is much better than practicing for an hour only for every Sunday. It is great to start daily practice. Nevertheless, if you have no time you can take one main practice time per week.

Benefits of Playing Guitar

If we talk about learning guitar, it is important to know about the benefits that will motivate you. In fact, playing guitar makes you smarter. Based on the latest research, guitar is an instrument and when you are playing it, it will change the shape and the power of your brain. Even better, you can use it as the therapy to support your cognitive skills. For children and adults, researchers claimed that playing guitar can increase 7 points of IQ.

For beginners, you can start learning guitar from the way you hold the guitar properly and the basic numbering systems. Other than that, you can learn about the basic strumming, how to change chords smoothly, what are the basic chord shapes and start playing your first song. These things are important whether you are learning acoustic or electric guitar. You may also want to learn Japanese.

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