How Long Does It Take To Get GRE Scores After The Day Of The Test

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How long does it take to get GRE scores? GRE stands for The Graduate Record Examinations. It is a standard test you should take to enter the next school level in America. The result of the test is important because it completes the step to register at school. When you take your GRE general test based on computer, the official scores is available in your ETS account. Also, the institutions you designed will receive the score approximately 10 to 15 days after the test.

How Long Does It Take To Get GRE Scores Online

How Long Does It Take To Get GRE Scores Online

how long does it take to get GRE scores? You just have to wait for 15 days to find more information about it. You can consider that your GRE test has a good score if you have a 75th percentile score. It means that you have a 157 on your Verbal and a 160 on your Quant. It also means that this score shows if you are better than other test-takers. If you want to get an excellent score of this test, it means you should create a 90th percentile score, which is 162 on Verbal and a 166 on Quant.

What if the score of your GRE test is 280? In fact, the maximum score in this test is 340, with the combined score from 260 to 340. We can say that your GRE scores is good if it is above the average score, which is 303, or 150 in Verbal and 153 in Quant. In other word, if your score is above the 50th percentile, it means that you have a good score. You should be happy if you have score at least 151 on Verbal to 153 on Quant.

So, once you have completed the test, you just have tow ait for the recipients to receive your scores within ten to fifteen days, but you need to wait for the GRE scores on your ETS account.  Remember that you only can find your scores if you visit ETS account. It is what you need to view the scores. If you think you need a paper copy of the score report, then you can print it immediately from your account.

About Retaking GRE Score

How long does it take to get GRE scores to send to your schools? Well, your designated institutions will receive the score reports five business days once you place your order.  Is it okay to retake the GRE? For this point, ETS has its provision to let all participants retake the GRE test. You have the opportunity to follow the test for up to 5 times a year. It means you can improve your scores with these multiple chances. By retaking the test, it will not affect your application to enter the best university you want. Also, you can decide the score you want to submit in your application.

In fact, there are many people retake GRE test and most of them get a higher score in their second chance. So, it does not a matter if you take GRE test five times. Remember, the requirement to retake your GRE test is available if the last time you got the GRE 21 days ago.

Well, we hope you enjoy our article here. It is nice to read more, such as how long it takes to learn Spanish.

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