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How long does it take to get a CDL permit? You can get CDL or Commercial Driver’s License in seven weeks when you attend your full-time driving training procedure. Of course, the time it takes to get your CDL depends on some factors. Even you need to wait for three weeks or six months.

It is important to know that the CDL program is only for those who have a valid regular license to drive. Also, this program is only for participant in most states at age 18. When it comes to this program, you need to follow the DOT rule such as the training hours to complete. Here are all interesting things you should know about this program.

What is a Class C

Basically, there are three classes of this program available that will determine the type of vehicles you can drive. These are Class A, Class B, and Class C. Class A means that the trailers you can drive have a gross weight rating of 10,0001 lbs minimum. If you go with class B, it is only for towing vehicles with a weight rating of less than 10,0001 lbs.

On the other hand, Class C CDL license is the driver’s license that will let you operate a special vehicle that can transport 16 or more occupants. Or, you can use this license to drive a vehicle that transports hazardous materials based on the federal law.

All About CDL Permit

How to pass CDL permit? It is easier to pass the written exam if you always spend your time by using online practice tests. It makes you prepare everything much better. In fact, the written CDL exam is easy to pass since very few people cannot pass it. In this test, you need to answer 50 questions in form of multiple choice. The major knowledge test in this program is about the rules, the requirement, safe driving, safe cargo transport, and others.

If you want to get your permit, it is important to bring the proof that your state explains you are qualified for a medical tests. Mostly, you need a DOT medical card and DOT physical. Once you accept your permit, you should gather all documents. For example, you must bring your identification, proof of residency and proof of citizenship status. You also have to turn in your application and pass the CDL written test. After doing all these things, you can then practice with your supervising driver. The last challenge is to complete any training program you need.

It is important to study for a CDL permit. It is just like how you can get a regular license for driving. This permit is important so you can move forward to obtain the CDL. Additionally, it is possible to get a class A permit if you can pass the series of written exams. Most states require you to follow written tests to get Class A permits such as combination vehicles, air brakes, and general knowledge. Those are all things we can tell you about CDL program. What if reading our post about shipping for your business?

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