How Long Does It Take To Charge A Car Battery And Dead Battery

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How long does it take to charge a car battery? For a mid-sized car battery, it goes with 4-8 amperes of battery. So, it will need 10 to 24 hours to fully recharge the battery. If you want to charge the battery to start your car, it takes from two to four hours. Well, you can charge the battery for fast, but surely it can cause battery damage.

You can charge the battery of your car inside your house. If you want to charge the battery for your car, here are things you should know.

How Long To Charge A Dead Car Battery?

How Do You Charge It

It depends. If you want to know how to charge a car battery works for a 10-amp of the charger, you should understand the point of amp hours. It means 1 amp per 48 hours and 2-amp for 24 hours. 8-amp means 6 hours and others. So, if you have 2-amp charger, it will deliver 2-amp per hour to the flat battery. It also means that 48 amp needs 24 hours to charge fully.

When you want to charge the battery of your vehicle, make sure that the charger is off. Also, we recommend you not to leave the car battery charger on for too long. For example, if you want to leave the charger and it is connected continuously, it will make the battery easier to die; even it is just two amps.

How Long To Charge A Dead Car Battery?

How to deal with a dead battery? If you want to charge it, and if your car starts, it is better to let the vehicle run for a few minutes. This is good to help you charge the battery. After that, you can unhook the clamps in the reverse order the way you put them on the vehicle. Next, drive your vehicle for 30 minutes, and after that you can stop. When you do this, the battery will charge. Well, you may also need to jump-start your car.

So, if you wonder whether you can recharge a completely, dead battery or not, it depends. Your vehicle’s alternator works to keep a healthy battery to charge. But, it does not work to completely recharge any dead battery.

How is the right way to charge a completely dead battery of your car? What you should do is to connect a single end of the red positive jumper cable to the battery. After that, connect the other end to the charged car battery. Also, connect 1 end of the negative jumper cable to the black negative terminal of the charged battery. Next, attach the other end to the grounded component made of metal, on the vehicle with the dead battery.

It is important to know the signs that your car needs a new battery. First, it is your car that works slowly, especially when it is about starting the engine. Second, it can be when there are some electrical issues such as dim lights and others. Also, you may find a bad smell, a misshapen battery case, or corroded connectors.You may also want to know more about mobile home for sale.

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