How Long Does Ice Cream Last In The Fridge Or Once Opened

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How Long Does Ice Cream Last? Or, do you know the expiration date of this yummy ice? Well, if you wonder about the shelf life of this delicious treat, it can last for up to two months if you store it properly in the freezer at the 0-degree Fahrenheit, as long as you have not been opened it. Practically, we can safely say that it is safe to eat for up to three to four months. After that, you should throw it away.

How Long Does Ice Cream Last

How Long Does Ice Cream Last

Here are all things you should know about the shelf life of ice cream based on the way you store it:

Ice Cream Last At Room Temperature

If it sits out at a temperature below 40 degrees and it was more than two hours, you should throw this food away. There is no rule about how long it can last in the freezer before or after you opened it. It depends on the ingredients, how it was made and how you store it.

How Long Does Ice Cream Last In The Deep Freezer

Some say that it can stay for two to four months if you store it in the deep freezer. If you have opened this food, make sure that you have been keeping it constantly frozen, which is at 0-degree Fahrenheit to keep its best quality. If so, it can last for two to four months.

Also, if you want to prevent any ice crystals on the opened ice cream, you can reach a plastic wrap to store it. To start, take a piece of plastic wrap. Alternatively, you can use wax paper and place it in direct contact with the surface of this food. This is good to prevent the air so it will not dry out the exposed cream.

How Can You Tell If It Is Bad?

The best way to see the sign if this delicious treat is bad is by looking at the ice cream closely. You should see tiny ice shards on the top of it and under the lid of its container.

In some cases, you noticed that the food does not taste as good as usual. The freezer burn can cause it an almost chalky, dry, and bland taste. But, if it is only a small amount on the surface of this food, it is okay to scrape it off. So, you can still enjoy the rest of it in the container.

Keep in mind that eating old ice cream is possible to make you sick. It is because bacterial contamination does happen. Any foods that are contaminated by bacteria – even though the smell and the taste are fine – can make you sick. It can cause food-borne illnesses after eating opened food.

Additionally, old ice cream can cause listeria. It is because the food is made of raw milk. In fact, raw milk is one of the riskiest foods. Any products from raw milk are soft cheese, yogurt, and ice cream that can bring to dangerous infections. Those are all things to know about this food. You may also want to know about the shelf life of Salami.

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