How Long Does Guacamole Last In The Fridge And In The Freezer

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How long does guacamole last? If you buy guacamole from the store, and it is unopened, it can last for one to two weeks. Once you opened it, it will last for one to two days. Also, the homemade version will last for one to two days.  After you make it, it is still green when you put it in the refrigerator. This is a nice technique to keep it green only for two days. You need to store it in a bowl and use plastic wrap to cover it.

What if the guacamole turns brown? Can you eat it? As long as it is fresh, you can remove the born layer until you get the green part. It should be fine to eat the green part. The reason why guacamole turned brown is that it was exposed to the air. So, that is the way the enzyme reacts with the oxygen.

On the other hand, if you eat old guacamole, you can get food poisoning symptoms. The bacteria such as salmonella on this food can cause an upset stomach. As a result, it can cause organ failure, and it can cause death.

How Long Does Guacamole Last In The Fridge

How Long Does Guacamole Last In The Fridge

If you want to keep your guacamole green, it is important to know how to store it. First, you should make Sara Kate’s recipe for guacamole. After that, dribble it in some lukewarm water. Next, use lid to store it and refrigerate for 3 days. Anytime you are ready to eat it, open the lid and pour out the water. Keep in mind that you have to stir up it to get extra moisture.

It is easy to tell if it is spoiled. You can look for the common signs of spoilage such as the presence of mold. Make sure that you see the surface of the sauce. Usually, it is off smell. It is safe to eat guacamole if there are no signs of deterioration.

How Long Does Guacamole Last In The Freezer

It is possible to freeze guacamole. But you cannot add other ingredients such as onions, raw tomatoes, and dairy like sour cream to it. On the other hand, it is good to freeze guacamole anytime. Pack it into the zip-top bags and after that, you can squeeze it all of the air out. Otherwise, you can use a freezer container. After that, you need to press some plastic wrap on the exposed surface. This is good to avoid freezer burn.


In conclusion, if you buy guacamole from the store, it can stay for 1 to 2 weeks in the refrigerator if it is unopened. Keep it in the freezer and it will stay for eight months. How Long Does Guacamole Last in the fridge or in the freezer if it is opened? Whether you buy it or make it, it can stay for one to two days in the refrigerator. Meanwhile, this guacamole can stay for six months in the freezer once you have opened it.

Those are all things you should know about this topic. You may also read about the life of balsamic vinegar.



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