How Long Does Being Drunk Last And All Things To Know

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How long does being drunk last? Well, we are talking about alcohol mechanism. It is about the period or the capability of time that our body can metabolize alcohol. Also, it is about the duration of the effects. Of course, there are some factors that can determine the speed or the time that alcohol can last in our body.

When you drink alcohol, do you directly being drunk? No, it is not. The reaction of being drunk because alcohol will start after 30 minutes of drinking it. After that, one drink will remain in your body for two hours. So, what happens to your brain and your body when you drink alcohol?

The Alcohol Effects On Your Brain and Body

The Alcohol Effects On Your Brain and Body

How does alcohol work to your brain? It is a depressant. So, the role is it will affect neurotransmitters in the areas of your brain along with the central nervous system. Alcohol is the facilitator that will deliver serotonin and dopamine to your brain. As a result, it brings reactions of happiness, relaxation, and ease of your mind.

So, the effect of alcohol that makes you being drunk depends on some factors. For example, your body weight and your current health condition, your gender, and your age can determine it. Nevertheless, the route of absorption for alcohol into the bloodstreams will be the same for all people.

It will pass through the stomach, and then go to the intestine, and after that alcohol will travel slowly through your blood. At this point, alcohol then crosses the blood-brain barrier. Therefore, it will interact with neurotransmitters.

The Duration of Action

Our body is able to process 0.25 ounces of alcohol in each hour. Even though our body can absorb alcohol quickly, but it cannot metabolize the drink immediately. Therefore, the drink is detectable in the body fluids after administration. In fact, even though you have drunk it for 12 or 24 hours, it is still possible to detect the presence of alcohol in your body.

Generally, alcohol can last in the body for two hours after drinking it. Even though the case can be different if we talk about metabolism since everyone has a different metabolism.

How Long Does Being Drunk Last?

Of course, the more glasses of alcohol you take, the longer your body can maintain the effects of alcohol. It is because you are loading your body with more doses of impairment. The more you are drinking glasses of alcohol, then your body becomes less capable of doing normal functions including motoric movement.

For example, you cannot think faster, you may experience blurry vision, slower speech, and many more. It is because you have intoxication symptoms which means the basic important functions are impossible during that period. However, your body will resolve it within 48 to 72 hours after passing the hangover symptoms.

Those are all things you should know about how long does being drunk and the effects of alcohol to your body and brain. If you want to read more interesting topic, we recommend you to read about the expiration date of ice cream.

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