How Long Does A Pedicure Last And Things To Know Before Doing It

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Pedicures are more than just to care for your toenails. How long does a pedicure last depends on the technique you get. For example, you may get dead skin cell removal techniques by using a pumice stone or other rough stone to rub off the bottom of your feet.  Other than that, you may get some healthy skin treatments such as moisturizing, massage, and granular exfoliation from your toenails up to your knee.

Reasons To Get A Pedicure Regularly

Reasons To Get A Pedicure Regularly

How long does a pedicure take? Generally, it is longer than manicure. You will get more than just wear and tear on the toes. But, you will also get it on your feet all day, especially if you go with gel pedicures.  This treatment may last between 30 minutes and 90 minutes. Well, it depends on the techniques to use.

By doing a regular pedicure, it will keep your feet look pretty. Also, it can keep your nails trimmed. Best of all, it will moisturize your skin and control calluses. Additionally, a foot massage during this treatment will relieve tension. At the same time, it will stimulate circulation.

Here are the reasons why pedicure is so important:

  • Increase your blood circulation because of the relaxing massage you get.
  • Improve your health, especially the nails. It will prevent your nails from fungi and other infections.
  • Reduce your stress.
  • It can keep your hands and feet soft and smooth.

There are some signs that your feet need some care. For example, if you see corns, calluses, ingrown nails, untidy cuticles or uneven toenails, it is important to have a pedicure.

How often should you get a pedicure? In fact, many women will have a pedicure appointment every two weeks. But Greenwich, CT, dermatologist Mitchell Ross, MD explain that it is too much. If you overdo your pedicures, surely it will harm than good. It means that it will be over exfoliated. .

Things To Know Before Doing Pedicures

There are some things you should not do when you want to do this treatment below:

  1. Do not polish or paint over discolored toenails
  2. You should not share emergy boards
  3. Do not shave your legs before the treatment
  4. Avoid cutting your cuticles
  5. Do not round your toenails when clipping them
  6. Do not leave any moisture between your toes
  7. Avoid using a foot razor
  8. Schedule a pedicure as early as possible

Those are all things you should know about this treatment. In fact, if you take a gel pedicure, it will last for two to three weeks. It is all about the skill level of technician, the technique they use, and the product they use. After finding all information about how long does a pedicure takes, the cost may vary. You can expect from $35 to $36 for this treatment. Also, it is good to tip the nail artist.

So, are you interested in Pedicure? How much you spend on the tip? How often you get a pedicure? Do you think this treatment gives you more benefits? You can share with others so we can learn from people’s experiences. You may also learn about Manic Panic


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