How Long Does A Hockey Game Last: Professional & School Game

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How long does a hockey game last? It depends on the game competition. If it is an average game, it can last for two hours and twenty minutes. Well, what we mean is an NHL game. If you watch it on TV, that is the short answer. It is because there are three 20-minute periods along with 17 minutes of intermissions between them for ads and comments.

Hockey is a simple sports game. The rules are always the same. It is about how you can make more goals compared to your opposing team. As players, you cannot kick your puck into the net. Or, you cannot purposely direct it in with your body. There are five skaters in each team with three forwards as well as two defensemen. Also, there is a goaltender.

Nevertheless, if you play this game in the UK, at the first of each half play will start with a pass from the center of the halfway line. After a team made a goal, the match will be restarted in the same method. Then, the game will split into two halves and each half will last for 35 minutes. Also, there is an interval halfway for five to ten minutes.

How Long Does A Hockey Game Last In Regular Competition

How Long Does A Hockey Game Last In Regular Competition

What about a college hockey game? So, the rules are from the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Ice Hockey Rules Committee. They approved that the standard of overtime format, especially for all regular-season games along with in-season tournaments with 2018 to 2019 season. Just in case the game remains tied after the standard of the time, the teams will play for five-on-five within five minutes to determine who the winner is.

For women’s ice hockey game, the regular game will start from three 20-minute periods. Each of the intermission is for 15 minutes, after the first and the second periods. It is also important to know that there are no quarters in college hockey. It is because each of these games will start in three frames, we call it the first, the second, and the third periods. So, the total playing time for this game is one hour.  It is because each period has 20 minutes to play and 15 minutes to break.

Why Should You Play Hockey?

The reason why you should play hockey, even for the kids is about teaching them building a good team. It is about how to work with others. It is also about how to experience wins and losses so they can deal with losses and wins in their life. Hockey is also about a game that will teach them a strong sense of self, pride, and positive self-esteem.

Even better, playing this game is about reducing stress, reducing body fat, and increasing muscle strength. Also, it is about a game that can develop general physical fitness for girls because it is a fun game to play with others. Those are all things you should know about how long does a hockey game last. You may also want to read about the length of playing basketball game.

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