How Long Does 23andMe Take In This Year & Common Questions

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How long does 23andMe take is something interesting to talk about. It is one of the popular topics this year. Before answering this question, we think it is good to know first about 23andMe test, the use of this test, and how long it takes.

What is the 23andMe Test?

It is a DNA test that will give you the report to control your health, including your wellness. This goal of the test is to help you access, find information and get benefit from the human genome. Also, this test is the easiest, the most affordable and the most comprehensive on the market that will let you understand your genetic make-up. It is because it lets you have genetic testing kits at home.

What is the 23andMe Test?

Additionally, you can use the 23andMe test to find more information about the following health conditions:

  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Breast Cancer
  • Celiac Disease
  • Late-onset Alzheimer’s Disease, and others

In other word, by using 23andMe test, it means that you will have a more active way to safeguard your future health than ever.

How Long Does 23andMe Take 2019?

If you wonder how long does 23andme takes, then you should know that there are 8 common steps to deal with. At first, you need to register your kit. You should register by creating an account. To start registering, here are the official website.

It takes two to four weeks for samples to reach the lab. In this step, the distribution center located in OSS, Netherlands will return your sample by using local posts. After that, they forward it in bulk to their laboratory that is in Burlington, North Carolina by using FedEx. You can track your returned sample from your profile homepage. Once the lab has received your sample and they have scanned the barcode, they will send you an email to notify you. The next step to do is preparing your sample. Once it is ready, they will extract your DNA at the lab. Nevertheless, they may repeat this step if they found that your sample was not enough.

Next, there is genotyping as the step to use your saliva as the sample. Also, they have quality reviews to check your data so it can meet their standards for accuracy and call rate. If the sample is not enough to meet their standards, they need to repeat this step. The step is almost complete. After reviewing your data and the result is enough, then they will proceed to the final computation. In this process, they compare the sample data with the rest of 23andMe data. As a result, they can generate DNA relatives.


If the computation process is complete, then they will load your data into your account, including your reports. They will let you know by email if the results are ready. So, we can conclude that how long does 23andMe take commonly is around two to three weeks. Keep in mind that insufficient data may require certain steps to repeat to get accurate results. They cannot guarantee to return your results on a particular date.

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