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Dowell and Martin funeral home, where is it? You can find this funeral home at 365 West Main Street of Mt. Vernon, Kentucky. This funeral home helps you do the ceremony to celebrate, honor, and remember the life of your beloved person who has passed away. Just like other funeral homes, the purpose of their presence is to give a special time and place, so you can say goodbye.

When you want to come to the funeral home, it is important to know about bringing your children. It is good to use your judgment whether your child is old enough to understand death. Also, it is essential for you to allow child to express their grief. In case have no choice but to bring your child, you should explain what they will see and they will experience before arriving at the Dowell and Martin Funeral Home. On the other hand, if your child is noisy or cranky, you should bring them immediately so they will not disturb others.

Dowell and Martin Funeral Home Information

Personalizing Your Service

Does it possible to personalize your service? Of course, it is! They have staff with many years of experience. They are ready to know more about your families and to incorporate one’s hobbies, interests, and activities to create memorable and meaningful ceremony. You just need to talk to them about making your request.

Even it is possible if you request embalming. Embalming is an important process, in which the funeral home will sanitize and preserve the body temporarily. The purpose is to enhance the look of the body that has suffered damage from illness or accident. Also, embalming is the best way to make meaningful and personalized arrangements, for instance, a viewing.

It is important to know that the law does not require embalming. Also, most funeral homes will not permit public viewing if there is no embalming. Private viewing is the only solution for the family if the person who has passed away did not get embalming because of minimal preparation.

A Viewing And Funeral Services with Cremation

It is important to have a viewing. It is also popular as a visitation, or a wake, or the calling hours. It is about an open or closed casket. If we talk about the grieving process, have a viewing is a vital part. This way helps family and friends so they can accept the reality of the loss. This is also an important way for those who may not have met the beloved one for a while. Best of all, it is the best way to say the final farewell. In fact, final farewell is a crucial step to healing.

Dowell and Martin Funeral Home encourage you to have a viewing and funeral service related to cremation. By choosing cremation, indicates how you would like to care your beloved one’s physical. You can talk to them, and arrange the funeral service before cremation. Alternatively, you can wait or hold this service only after the cremation.

Dowell and Martin Funeral Home Information

365 West Main Street

Mt. Vernon, KY 40456

Call: (606) 256-2991



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