Complete Sun and Moon Data For One Day In The U.S. and Worldwide

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Complete Sun And Moon Data Schedule

Knowing more things about complete sun and moon data for some people is important to do their business, such as fishing, stargazing, enjoying the sunset, and others. Meanwhile, others may want to know more about it just because they are interested in this matter so they use this data.  You may want to know more about what time is dawn, when is dusk, the time of moonrise today, and wonder about what time is sunset tomorrow.

Even more, these people can use complete sun and moon data to get more information about when does the moon rise tonight, what direction is the moon tonight. This data can answer their question, such as “when is dusk and dawn?” If you visit a new area, maybe you want to know about what time the sun rises and sets or the magic hours occur.

Complete Sun And Moon Data Schedule

To obtain the times of moonrise, sunset, sunrise, and others, you can use this website, and specify the date as well as the location in one of the two forms there. After that, you can hit the “Get data” button once you have filled all the forms. You need to use form A if you want to know the information about the sun and data for cities or towns in the U.S. and the territories. On the other hand, you need to use form B to obtain data from all other locations.

In form A, it is for U.S. cities and towns. Keep in mind that before entering the place name, it must be a city or a town in the U.S. You cannot use the link above, especially for form A to identify the moon and the sun’s information outside of U.S. cities and towns. This website has listed more than 22,000 places in U.S.


Before filing the forms A and B, it is important to know the definition of the terms they use. You should know about what is the definition of rise, set, and twilight. Civil twilight, what is it? Civil twilight is the time between the sunrise and sunset, the full light or the full darkness when there is enough light from the sun. For photographers and those who love outdoor activities, they call it the “magic hour”.

Also, you should know more about phases of the moon or percent of the moon. Do not worry because it is easy that they provide you the link to guide you.

Also, if you want to know more U.S. cities or towns to fill the form A, it is important to know that the output times are 12-hour clock so it is a.m. and p.m. On the other hand, the worldwide locations in form B will let you get the output times on a 24-hour clock.

As you see, technology makes you easily know more about astronomical information. It helps you get more information about the moon and the sun. We think this is great especially if you want to know more everything about it. You may also interested in reading mobile home buying guide.

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