Electronic Birth System by Bladen County Register of Deeds

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Electronic Birth System by Bladen County Register of Deeds

Bladen county register of deeds, Beverly Parks has announced about two important items this year. It is all about public awareness. The first thing is the office will offer birth records from other counties. Also, they have a concern about the real estate records. The office announced that any individual born since 1971 in a North Carolina county is possible to get their birth records from the local register of deeds, located in Elizabethtown.

Electronic Birth System by Bladen County Register of Deeds

Also, Beverly Parks explains that the office will implement the Electronic Birth Registration System, or you can call it EBRS. Parks stated that hospital has a maternity department. For this reason, it is good to offer this new system to its citizens.

To do the record, the cost is about $24.00 for each birth certificate copy. From this cost, $10 is for the county and $14 for the state so they can access the system. This can solve the problem because the citizens need to obtain their birth certificates at the local office.

For this new system, staff will get training programs. For any individuals born in North Carolina, and they need their birth records, they have t go to the local Bladen county register of deeds, at the courthouse with the state-issued identification so they can purchase their records. So, individuals who born in Bladen County can go online to purchase the birth certificate by spending $10 with $4.04 charge of credit card.

The last statement from Parks contains a warning to Bladen County residents. Property Profile Inc out of Glendora, California has been doing with solicitation letters to sell real estate records for about $86.  Parks explained when the resident brought the solicitation letters to her office, she talked to him to throw it away in the trash. The reason was that she could create a copy for 25 cents each. Alternatively, he could go online and get the records of himself for free. Parks added that all records of real estate from 1969 to now are on the web. Bladen County Register Of Deeds is still working to have all the real estate records on the web.

Location and Phone Number

So, just in case you need the vital records or the real estate records of Bladen county register of deeds, you can go to 166 E. Broad Street, Room 118 Elizabethtown, NC 28337. Well, they can help you with your needs. Alternatively, you can call them at 910-862-6710. The departments take checks, cash, debit, and also credit card.

If you want to get more information about their office and news, you can visit their official page. They house many public records such as births, deaths, notary oaths, and marriage licenses. Also, they are responsible for keeping al public records safely. They also provide the best possible level of customer service at the same time.

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